10 Things Sugar Daddies will do that Some Young Men Won't

The way to a luxury life with upper-class men

When dating a younger man, experienced young women who have dated quite a few older men know that there are some things that a young man just won't do for her that an older man would be all-too-willing. Why is that? Because with years of learning, living, and growing up with women, a mature gentleman knows how to charm them in ways that an immature, inexperienced young man can't. A man who wants to find a good woman and keep her, could learn a thing or two from a Sugar Daddy.

Sugar Daddies use what they know to connect with a special, young woman by doing some things to keep her interested and ready to commit.

1. Act respectful and mature.

It goes without saying, you treat people the way you would want to be treated. The Sugar Daddy knows that a smile and a polite remark goes a long way with some women. He also knows that knowledge is power so when he is confident in who he is, his appreciate for self will be displayed for all to see. There is no room for irresponsibility, foolish behavior, and laziness in the Sugar Daddy's world.

2. Share knowledge.

The Sugar Daddy is well-aware that a young woman is intelligent, but still has some areas in her life that still need to grow. Therefore, he will provide the kind of wisdom that will motivate her to make wiser decisions and grow from her life experiences. Most younger men aren't interested at all in what is between a woman's ears.

3. Listen to her stories and ask questions.

She shares information about her day, her family, friends, likes, dislikes, interests, and more. Rather than letting this information go in one ear and out the other, the Sugar Daddy uses what he has learned about his young lady friend to relationship build and create the kind of partnership that will keep her interested in him and not that other guy.

4. Take her places outside his bedroom.

A Sugar Daddy could keep a young woman in his room and play with her all day, but he knows that she will eventually get bored, so he knows at some point he has to offer her more than just sex. So he makes plans for the two to go shopping, vacation, sightsee, try new things, attend events, and meet with family and friends once he becomes serious with her.

5. Provide for her financial needs.

Unlike the younger man who is trying to make ends meet paycheck to paycheck, the Sugar Daddy will share his wealth without losing his cool or feeling like he can't afford to maintain a relationship with his young date. What a relief to a young woman who may have had a history of walking on eggshells with a young man who acted selfishly, rude and even frugal when it came to his gift-giving.

6. Be patient.

Some Sugar Daddies simply aren't in a rush to get sexual needs met because they know the importance of getting to know someone. They also aren't interested in making a young woman do things that she doesn't want to do. Although there are some controlling men out in the world, the patient, loving type of Sugar Daddy will be patient with his young partner when he knows that the relationship is headed somewhere.

7. Avoid unnecessary disputes that show insecurity and jealousy.

A Sugar Daddy typically doesn't bother with participating in meaningless disputes; rather, he prefers to reach a quick compromise without all the yelling and other things that go along with an immature woman. When a young woman is upset about something, the Sugar Daddy will try to figure out a way to make her feel at peace, while a young, immature man easily blows up in the hopes that he can break his mate down while continuing to display behavior that fuels his partner's insecurities and jealous emotions. Most Sugar Daddies prefer peace over war.

8. Meet with family and friends.

There are those Sugar Daddies that encourage family relationships and are very curious about the people their young dates are connected to. They are looking at who might be a negative influence and who his young date might favor. Some younger and controlling older men prefer to keep their mates all to themselves leaving little room for their young dates to spend time with loved ones.

9. Communicate his likes and dislikes.

Sugar Daddies who don't see young men as threats to their relationships have no problem expressing their feelings. A Sugar Daddy will tell his young partner what he likes, dislikes, and what he has been thinking about concerning her particularly if he feels like he wants her to be very much a part of his life.

10. Take a genuine interest in her future.

There are those Sugar Daddies who really are concerned about their young mates and will do what it takes to encourage her to be all that she can be. But a jealous younger partner can be easily intimidated by a young, educated woman who is getting somewhere in life.

If you are dating a young man and an older one, pay close attention to who is doing more for you emotionally and physically and stick with him. Some Sugar Daddies can make it bad for others, so remember one bad apple doesn't make the whole basket of apples spoiled.