10 Signs Your Sugar Daddy is Controlling/Abusive

Don´t let anybody control you

Some parents and relatives can see a controlling, abusive man a mile away, because they most likely experienced such a person in their youth. A young woman who hasn't much life experience will be fooled by a controlling abusive man particularly if she has no one around her that acts like they care about her choices in a mate or isn't very discerning. Sometimes relatives and friends are so use to abusers that they actually welcome the familiar person into their families not realizing he is nothing more than a charming snake.

The Sugar Baby whose eyes are wide open for money and a good time will be easily deceived and will find herself one day being lured into the abusive Sugar Daddy's trap.

One. He tells you how to wear your hair and clothes.

With a smile on his face, he suggests that you change your hair and doesn't like the dull or too-sexy attire you are wearing. Thinking nothing of it, you change your style of clothing, because you agree. Yet, in time you find that you meet his criteria of a respectable young lady, but he still isn't satisfied. Can we say your mate is being controlling? Any suggestions he makes should make you feel like you are looking and feeling your best while still maintaining control over your style. However, if you are starting to feel like your interests are not your own anymore, there is a problem.

Two. He discourages you from making friends and doesn't like the ones you have.

Your friends have been with you before this man has come into your life, yet he doesn't like this one and that one for what seems like dumb reasons. Chances are he not only is being controlling, but jealous too! Never trust a man when it comes to making friends when he has zero buddies. Most likely, there is something wrong with your Sugar Daddy that fellow men have picked up on, so they can't even tolerate him.

Three. He objects to you having a job.

You had a job before him and if you suspect that he is controlling, you should keep your job. Sometimes men act as if they are not behaving in ways that influence their mates' professional decisions, but they are. If he is quiet when you mention a job, immediately objects, or attempts to make it hard for you to find one, then he has a problem with you working. This is his way of controlling your income so that you won't leave him one day.

Four. He makes excuses or refuses to let you drive or take the bus anywhere.

When a man makes it difficult for you to obtain your own vehicle for more reasons than you can count or objects to you taking the bus for safety reasons, he might have some valid points. But if you insist on doing these things because you want to and he adamantly objects, know that he is displaying controlling behavior.

Five. He threatens, hits, slaps, chokes, pushes, trips, and does other abusive things to incite fear in you.

You can't walk inside the home without worrying about him doing some ugly things to you, because he doesn't like what you say or do. Sometimes his evil ways show up in the bedroom. You worry about scars, bruises, and other things that your body has encountered as a result of his fetishes. Is being his Sugar Baby really worth all the abuse?

Six. He doesn't like any of your relatives and often criticizes them.

When you talk about your family and friends to your Sugar Daddy, he often encourages you not to talk or go around them if they upset you so much. He doesn't feel it necessary anyone be a part of your life that is going to get in the way of him controlling you. He doesn't want to have to compete with others when it comes to getting his needs met.

Seven. He monitors your spending very closely and disapproves of you spending money on anyone else but yourself.

Money can buy friends, but some Sugar Daddies aren't interested in buying for Sugar Babies and their families. So to keep you under his grip he holds what he is doing for you over your head while putting down your people for not helping you. He isn't about to share his wealth with people you love.

Eight. He believes that you should always do what he says, but doesn't believe what you say is relevant to him.

When objecting to your Sugar Daddy's demands, you are letting him know that you disagree with him and have your own mind. He doesn't like this sort of behavior and so when you suggest he say or do something, whether beneficial to him or not, he acts vengeful and refuses to listen and act without good reason. This sort of behavior can become frustrating and when done long-term can affect your mental and physical well-being. Just imagine needing your Sugar Daddy to pick you up from work one rainy, cold night, but because he is still fuming about something you said or did the night before he leaves you out in the cold.

Nine. He verbally assaults you over the littlest of things.

It doesn't matter what day it is, how nice you were to him, or what mood you are in, your Sugar Daddy acts angrily about something that may or may not have anything to do with you. He name-calls, swears, and even insults people that you know because he is having a bad day. Unfortunately, your Sugar Daddy has some hidden psychological issues.

Ten. He doesn't let you go anywhere without him when you are living with him.

The rules become even more difficult to follow when you are living with a controlling, abusive Sugar Daddy. If you desire to go somewhere and your Sugar Daddy doesn't agree you should, he will come up with a variety of ways to keep you from going. Some appear like he cares about your safety, but others are rooted in selfishness, insecurity and possibly jealousy. You will see this sort of behavior show up in other ways from who you talk to on the phone to people you associate with in the neighborhood.

Bonding with a Sugar Daddy seems like it is a good thing on the surface because you both stand to gain something out of the relationship. Yet, there will be times when Sugar Babies end up being nothing more than a Sugar Daddy's heartbroken, beaten down babysitter, housekeeper, mistress, and/or sex slave. Know what you are getting yourself into, before jumping in this sort of relationship!