5 Reasons a Sugar Baby Might Break Off Arrangement

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She was 27 years old and her partner was in her 40s. The busy, career-minded young woman had met the gentleman during a time in her life when being intimate with a man was for a moment, not for a lifetime. However, the older man, who had some free time when things weren’t overwhelming at work, wanted something more. Unfortunately, he didn’t get what he was looking for from his Sugar Baby when he wanted it. In time, the Sugar Baby stopped calling her Sugar Daddy with her requests. As days grew into weeks, she disappeared from her home address without notice. The Sugar Daddy was shocked, he liked her and enjoyed her company, he reasoned, “I guess, it just wasn’t meant to be.”

So why would a Sugar Baby leave a man who supplied most of her needs out in the cold? There are endless possibilities, but in an effort to answer some questions about why a Sugar Baby would end her romance with a Sugar Daddy, the following are some possible reasons.

1. She might have had uncomfortable feelings about receiving money from her Sugar Daddy.

The arrangement may have suited her in the beginning, but in time, guilt, shame, and other feelings leave one wanting to run away from any situation that doesn’t bring him or her peace of mind.

2. She might have had obligations that started taking up much of her free time.

From health issues to job responsibilities, these things can cause one stress then throw in an intimate relationship with someone new and now one is overloaded.

3. She was no longer physically interested in her Sugar Daddy.

It is rare that one boldly tells a date or friend, “I just don’t like you anymore, so I am looking to date others…” Sometimes physical attraction is temporal with some people and they tend to move on the moment they lose interest in a sexual partner.

4. She possibly noticed her Sugar Daddy no longer likes or respects her.

For some people it is easier for them to point out others’ faults, rather than their own. The Sugar Daddy may have been responsible in creating distance due to any number of things including: a negative attitude, emotional and/or physical abuse, emotional baggage, far too many work and personal responsibilities, or other issues that made his Sugar Baby feel uncomfortable around him.

5. She received encouragement from relatives and friends to end the relationship.

Sugar Babies will confide in someone about their issues, and if that person doesn’t agree with a mutually beneficial arrangement, he or she is going to discourage the Sugar Baby from continuing such a relationship with a Sugar Daddy.

If the Sugar Baby should call or come around her Sugar Daddy again, he will want to ask her about specific reasons as to why she no longer wants to be with him. Whatever the reason, think about this, it is better to be alone than to be miserable with someone who doesn’t appreciate you, besides there are many women who would love to be spoiled by a Sugar Daddy.