6 Things to do When Your Sugar Daddy Stops Giving You Money

When suddenly (Material) things fall apart...

The bad news came one day, “I’m sorry, honey I will no longer be able to pay for…I can’t give you…” At that moment, the Sugar Baby didn’t know if she wanted to scream or cry. “No more money! Well how am I supposed to pay for…the bills aren’t going to stop, you know!”

It happens, what appears to be a perfectly good arrangement ends. Two parties no longer get along, unexpected changes in one’s financial circumstances, or even worse one becomes ill or dies. The Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby relationship is not built on solid ground from the start, people and circumstances can change in an instant especially if the Sugar Daddy is married.

A Sugar Baby can protect herself early on in the relationship by saving more money than she is spending while dating Sugar Daddies. She can focus on the smaller bills that can be paid off right away. She can avoid creating any new expenses in her name. If the Sugar Daddy offered to buy her something new that requires payments, she should refuse it. Yet, some Sugar Babies will accept gifts that are not completely paid off and are burdensome. It would make sense to make sure the item is in the Sugar Daddy’s name and not hers if she knows she can’t afford to pay it off. This way he would be responsible for paying off his generous gift and not her. However, since some Sugar Babies hadn’t thought about the potential of having a financial burden in the future by accepting some of their Sugar Daddies exorbitant gifts, they will have to come up with a plan that will keep them afloat now that the Sugar Daddy is no longer as sweet as he once was.

1. Ask for a final payment

Your Sugar Daddy may have sprung up the sudden notice on you about not being able to give you any more money, but it doesn’t hurt to ask for just one more donation. You can remind him that you had no time to prepare for his cut-off and would appreciate it if he would be so kind as to give you a final parting gift. Be sure you don’t ask him for another afterward, because this will only create ill feelings. You never know if he might start back up giving you money and gifts again.

2. Keep what you have (money, jewelry, and other gifts).

Since the Sugar Daddy is no longer able to financially support you, let his past gifts sustain you in the meantime. Find out how much the jewelry and other items he gave you are worth, then sell them if need be. Giving anything back to him is making him richer and you poorer. Remind yourself of what you had to do for him to keep up your end of the bargain. By keeping those things in mind, you will be able to live guilt-free, rather than wanting to give things back to him out of anger or shame.

3. Cut off affection and stop having sex.

The agreement from the start of the relationship was to do the kind of things that would be mutually beneficial for one another. However, when the Sugar Daddy cut off finance, the Sugar Baby should be cutting off romance.

4. Avoid meeting the Sugar Daddy anywhere alone.

If the Sugar Daddy sounds as if he wants to break ties from you completely, including friendship, then move on. Don’t be tempted to want to play the make up to break up game with a Sugar Daddy. The relationship is no longer clearly defined if neither he nor you have communicated your new roles to one another. Don’t agree to meet him anywhere unless you know what your present connection is to him.

5. Don’t feel obligated to help him with anything.

Sometimes the role of the Sugar Daddy reverses and before long a young woman finds herself the Sugar Mama paying to keep her boyfriend. Don’t fall into this trap! For some rich men, they look for a return on their investment plus anything they may have given you so as to give them peace of mind.

6. Move on with your life, obtain your own money.

This is the most important tip of them all! When you are financially independent, you feel no pressure, stress, or need to have to do anything for anyone, but yourself! As you know, in a Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby arrangement, there are those times where you might behave in ways that aren’t like you just to stay in his good graces so that he can keep giving you money and gifts. Take a moment and consider what your Sugar Daddy has done by cutting you off a good thing! Now you are motivated to do what you want to live a quality life for yourself!

Should your former Sugar Daddy attempt to sweet talk his way back into your life (for free) and you still want him, then let him know what you expect to have with him. If it is simply a relationship where you and he work together to improve your lives, so be it. However, if it is nothing more than sex he wants, then he knows what he has to do, otherwise he wouldn’t be a Sugar Daddy, now would he?