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For your service we had a look at the famous "Nr.1" Sugardaddy- Dating- Website:

The famous site offers brwosing Gentlemen and Sugarbabies right away, lots of press and all what is needed for fast registration is provided:

Payment: You can use the Site quite well but still there are some things you have to pay for, e.g. Premium -Search. Women can use more functions and Gentlemen have to pay right away to get in contact with the girls:

Once loggedin and registered the Site becomes clearer, users get familiar with the Navigationbar although the grey Mail table is a little bit high but therefore the Profile Pictures are quite big compared to other Dating contendors. The Site offers help in advance and users are prevented to be very carefully when regarding or giving personal information. So warnings are indeed helpfully included. As you can see in the lower screenshot it is possible to send an e-Mail adresse to a Premium Male right away so the communication can ba taken outside the sugardaddy page quite quickly but this feature is limited:

There are 4 Groups of Premium- Sugardaddies: STANDARD (FREE), FEATURES, BACKGROUND (verified) and DIAMOND (verified & superior), which makes it easy for Sugarbabes to find someone serious. You can see an output example below with income and much usefull but not too personal information. These 4 categories are also seperated in the Search engine (Basic = Standard, Premium = Featured/verified):

The standard search reveals about 68.000 Profiles. We could investigate that the Output is just around 10.000 Members here as 68.000 couldn´t be revealed (watch the red path in the Browser-URL). More than 1000 sets the output to zero. But still this is a huge amout of (approx.) 10.000 Male- Users in this Section:

The language features are very well provided with Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Japanese and even Portuguese. If you are an attractive women you don´t even need to pay: Just upload your picutre and verify registration, shortly afterwards you will receive your first E-Mails form Sugardaddies. So we advise you to just wait for 2-3 days and just answer all men who contacted you recently. Try to get in personal contact as quickly as possible to prevent Scammers or unserious Profiles. More soon for Male Users, we will test all sections here. Keyword Percent of Search Traffic: 1. seeking arrangement 49.96% - 2. seekingarrangement 18.15% - 3. seeking arrangements 7.71% - 4. sugar babies 2.81% - 5. 2.44%:

SeekingArrangement never really changed the Design and concept in the last 8-9 years:

All together we can say that Seeking Arrangement is a very well working Dating site for attractive Women and Sugardaddy Millionaires. Just a small update today we wern´t very active with the Profile but viewed 39 times and 5 Mails without doing much is good response, more intense test will follow soon:

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