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"Where the classy, attractive and affluent meet" - Inside

Quickly jumped to - A big Domain Name in a nice chocolatebrown with gold tune makes hope for a great Site: " is a high quality dating site for successful men who have financial security and confidence and attractive single women. Do you want to meet people and change your life for the better?" it says here - Also we found a nice review on sugardaddyfinder:

"Dating websites are about delivering quality relationships and our proven track record of ten years strongly suggests that we are not only a successful site, but our staff and approach to this business is of an exceptional standard that time and again delivers quality feedback and successful relationships from those that are seeking to expand their social network and others that have found long term partners and marriage. We understand that the quality of the members is what makes a site successful and at, we are not only a recognized millionaire dating site, but also a site that offers sound dating advice too." - This all sounds very promising. But we will later see that the Sugardaddie Website makes a rather simple and sad Impression concerning the Millionaire Topic.

As the Navigation Bar is rather clear we opened up browsing for some Male Profiles, conspicuous that all of them are shown as online. Most pictures are not up to date and look a little bit blur and distorted which smells like Fakeprofiles although most of the pictures are watermarked (propably used a simple script here), most Sugardaddies (although they don´t really look like them) are aged above 40 years:

Women Profiles (also all online?!) look a little bit better, most women are aged below 30 but some are also above 40:

By clicking on a Profile it instantly comes to registration. The Design ist not so friendly and fresh but simple in dark/brown:

After registration a big error occured and the PHP- Script ends here and reveals that uses CakePHP Software:

We had a look at Cake and it seems a quite familiar Ready- Software simple to use:

Last but not least: We looked at the Index again and spottet some unfinished Cities here and even worse clicking on some the Stylesheet didn´t even load - So we stop the Review here as these critical instances should be enough to show that this Page doesn´t work at all:


Traffic and shows rather poor results - Keyword Percent of Search Traffic: 1. miami dating sites 14.10% - 2. millionaire dating 11.96% - 3. dating websites 9.23% - 4. dating sites 5.27% - 5. millionaire dating sites 4.93%:


History is interesting as they started far before SeekingArrangement as we found the first Screenshots in the year 2003 - The Design was steady in Candy / Gold Tune:

FINAL RESULT: is a very unserious and not working Website. The Slogan "Where the classy, attractive and affluent meet" can´t be approved: NOBODY meets here. SO DON´T REGISTER ON SUGARDADDIE.COM ! It will collect only E-Mails which Scammers will use. So be very cautios if you still want to give it a try but don´t use your personal, daily E-Mail and don´t give any personal information !

Since 2002, has matched rich men with young women. Operating out of Miami, Florida, the site is open to people from all over the world. Almost 40% of the visitors are from the United States, 22% in the United Kingdom and 22% in Canada, according to The audience is both male and female with slightly more males on the site. Many have attended college and graduate schools while others are still in college.

Sugardaddie has been featured on numerous media outlets including major news shows in the United States and the popular Dr. Phil Show. Due to the media exposure, Sugardaddie is popular among rich singles.

Sign up is quick and easy and accessible from two areas: the front page or for a quick search, you can supply your country and gender on the "Browse Our Members" section. You must be 18 years or older to access the site. On the front page, create a username, select gender, provide email, and create a password and you are ready to surf the site. The free member profile will not let you use all facilities of the website. You will need to become a paying member. There is a subscription fee and one membership plan (visit site for current pricing), but once paid it doesn't auto renew like so many other sites.

One drawback is the website staff doesn't verify the income level of Sugar Daddies. So there is no way to be sure if a person is as wealthy as he claims. Adding details to the profile is quite easy and like with most sites you will need to include information about your appearance, habits, location, and share details about who you are. The more you provide, the more likely you will generate interest in your profile. You can add photos, search and add members to your Hot List. You can also check out the message forums. But if you are a non-paying member, you will not be able to initiate contact with other members like send email. You don't have many features to communicate like other dating sites. Some users have complained about limited features and members being unresponsive. Non-members are limited in the amount of browsing they can do, but are able to check out as many as 100 members photographs and see body type, age, location, and see if he or she is online now. Click on the photograph and you will be able to see an enlarged view. There are many women and men in a variety of age groups, but mainly 20s and thirty-somethings are on the site.

There are plenty of ways to search members by newest, reverse hotlist, save searches, search member profiles, and specify profiles with photos. One user wasn't impressed with the functions. If you have been on many of the popular dating websites, then you might not like too much either. Members can also check out the site's blog. It has some good information about dating, but it isn't updated often. In addition, testimonials are provided on the site of how people have connected with one another and general information about the members who join. Those who do spend time on the site find casual romances and serious dating. This is a site for straight people and many of the profiles are of white men and women. Some members left because the user interface has since changed. does move slower than most. Since there are real people on the site and the membership is free, it doesn't hurt to try it out; however there are better sites out there.

NO Support, lots of Stylesheet and PHP- Errors. So we won´t poste any other links concerning Check out more Reviews here:

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