How to Know Whether a Date Has Sugar Daddy Issues

5 important issues about impressions and treatments

There may have been a time when a date really impressed you with the way she treated you. But one day, you had a disagreement with her that seemed harmless at first, but escalated into something more. You may have excused the negative things she said about you and other men as nothing more than her venting. However, there is more to her rant than meets the eye. The longer you stay with her, the more you will learn that she has serious childhood issues as a result of a non-existent or bad relationship with her dad. To top it all off, she also has some unresolved sugar daddy issues.

1. When you mention her father or Sugar Daddy, she tends to become very upset. She brings up past incidents with the both of them that has left her feeling angry, depressed or even suicidal.

Both men were significant to her because she desired love, affection, and more from them. But when things didn't work out in the way she envisioned them, feelings of rejection, bitterness, sadness, and more took root. If emotions are left unchecked, she will become a burden to deal with emotionally, physically and spiritually in time.

2. She appears to be miserable when in her father's presence. She might attempt to cover up her emotions with a false smile, laugh or joke.

For many women their dads are in their lives, but they are insignificant. The fathers never bonded with their daughters in healthy ways which made them feel unloved and insecure.

3. She is frequently unhappy with men in general and references them in demeaning ways.

When you notice frequent disrespect toward you and other men, cut your losses early and leave the relationship. No matter how beautiful, sweet and wonderful she might appear to be, you will regret having met her sooner or later. Women with deep rooted anger directed at men, often blame, argue, and cause much heartache.

4. She is argumentative sometimes combative with men.

If she tells of a time she verbally or physically fought her Sugar Daddy, her own father or other men, there will come a point in a relationship that she will challenge you. A man who has no understanding or patience when it comes to women with a past and a long list of triggers as a result of being in an abusive relationship, should avoid dating these type.

5. At times, the woman with father issues speaks of wanting to be left alone and how she doesn't like her dad, hates her former Sugar Daddy, or other men.

Once again, although her experiences with other men may have never turned out violent, the rage she has is prevalent and may be covered up for now, but one day will reveal itself if one should push her buttons. When she acts in this way, you will feel like she doesn't want to be with you and will frequently want reassurance.

Women with Sugar Daddy stories and a past riddled with the many sins of their fathers or stepfathers are not always emotionally stable. They also have a hard time maintaining personal and professional relationships. If you insist on dating or befriending a woman with issues like what was described previously, encourage her to seek counseling.