How to Know Whether a Sugar Daddy is Controlling, Violent

Sometimes unbelievable instances occur so be prepared !

You might envision older men dating younger women, like father figures, kind, caring, and nice. Yet, there are many men who aren't the good guys even though they believe themselves to be. They are Sugar Daddy types with mean-streaks. Some of them are so angry about marriages, jobs, children, and life that they don't mind taking their aggression out on a young lady who has barely lived her life independently from parents yet. They rob these young women, also known as, Sugar Babies of their youth before they are knowledgeable enough to plan their own lives. Sure they might help them with material wealth and offer a bit of wisdom every now and then, but the violent Sugar Daddy is not to be taken lightly and one should never be too sure that he won't hurt those he claims he loves.

These angry Sugar Daddies, who may have long been left behind by ex wives, girlfriends, relatives, and friends, will use young women for whatever they want until they tire of them. Some have beaten these Sugar Babies down so much mentally and physically until they are unresponsive to men and have prematurely aged during the process.

So how does a young woman know that she has an undercover miserable, old Sugar Daddy with a violent temper?

He is easily irritated when things don't go his way.

From the coffee machine acting weird to experiencing rejection, the aging Sugar Daddy isn't the least bit sweet. He frequently complains, gives people the cold shoulder (whether they deserve it or not) and acts as if the world should revolve around him. When he is called out about his reaction to things, he is offended and starts yelling and acting in threatening ways making people in his presence feel like they have to walk on eggshells.

He frequently monitors your whereabouts.

"Where were you when I called? Why didn't you answer your phone? You were with one of your stupid, little boyfriends? Didn't I tell you to not go over to that place?" says the jealous Sugar Daddy. Wherever you go and whatever you do the Sugar Daddy, with his share of mid-life issues, isn't happy. He may even enlist a few of his friends to help watch you when you least expect it. This is why it doesn't pay to lie to your Sugar Daddy. If his young girlfriend continues to disrespect him, the Sugar Daddy will find ways to intimidate her so that she will do as he says.

He discourages you from talking to family and friends about him.

Most Sugar Daddies don't want to be known as their young partner's "Sugar Daddy," so they would prefer that her relatives don't know any details of the relationship. Some will say, "Don't even mention I exist…" The more mystery about the man, the more likely he feels like he can get away with abusing the young woman emotionally and/or physically. He makes the young woman feel like he is trustworthy, a good friend, but when he is angered by her or someone else, he lashes out. The abuse the young woman might have experienced by his hands is often kept quiet.

He threatens to cut you off financially or tells you he is going to take back his gifts.

The young woman relies on her Sugar Daddy to pay for things like: rent, clothes, car, and other necessity items, but this abusive man can become irate over the littlest of things and hold what he does for her over her head, "You should be grateful I even help you...who else will do things for you? Keep on acting the way you are, and I will cut you off!" the violent man says. The poor woman has no choice but to do as he says if she should continue to agree to their arrangement. From a small request to all out sex, if the Sugar Daddy doesn't feel like his friend isn't holding up her end of the deal, he may act intimidating to the point where the young woman feels pressured to do what he tells her or else.

He punishes you by ignoring your phone calls while demanding you call him back after repeated phone calls.

Although this sort of behavior is immature and typically expected from a younger male, the Sugar Daddy who has been around young people, will demonstrate similar behavior. He most likely has dated many young women and has a daughter or relative many years younger, so he has learned how to communicate like young people. However, the angry Sugar Daddy, with a lot on his mind, isn't interested in taking orders from a young woman especially if she acts disrespectful toward him. If anything, she can send an already troubled man over the edge. So he may distance himself from his young friend for a time, but once ready to resume the arrangement demand that she call him back as soon as possible or else. Whatever "the else" is for punishment, the young lady might feel obligated because she feels she needs her Sugar Daddy's bank roll.

He stalks you.

Let's say, the Sugar Baby is at the store and just so happens to see her Sugar Daddy one day. Then the following week, she comes home to see him at her door step. Not too long after that incident, while walking, she thinks she saw his car drive by. When a Sugar Daddy starts showing up unannounced there is a problem brewing. If this is happening to you, be sure you terminate the relationship and contact local authorities. Also, let those closest to you know about the man stalking you and show them his photo. He may stop stalking you if he knows that others are looking out for you. He might also go away because he doesn't want his circle to know what he has been doing with you.

He disrespects you repeatedly by calling you names, throwing things or spitting on you.

Frequent anger outbursts will eventually result in physical violence. Consider it a sign that he will one day harm you in some way. No amount of money and gifts is worth risking one's life. Besides, in time he will stop doing nice things for you because he realizes that you see him for what he truly is, a bad person who needs help. But he won't let you go until he is ready, despite your efforts to break up with him first.

He fights you when angry.

Some Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby relationships result in physical violence because there has been a buildup of turmoil. Deceit, exaggerations, mental issues, and whatever other baggage that has been brought into what should have been a simple arrangement has now become complex. The Sugar Baby accepted her friend's emotional tirades and faulted herself for some of them. Meanwhile, little did she know, she gave the violent man permission to hit her by not establishing boundaries early on. When the Sugar Daddy feels comfortable hitting you, he will continue. Get out while you still have legs to stand!

He apologizes profusely after hurting you only to later hit, kick, slap, push and shove you again.

The honeymoon period of being sweet and nice lasts for a time, and then it seems out of the blue, the Sugar Daddy is back to his old ways again. Whatever his excuse whether a health issue, job stress, or a crazy wife, the point is he is aging, bitter about life, and has found his target to bully, an impressionable young woman with a mindset and lifestyle that he is most likely envious of.

Economic woes, bad relationships, unwanted children, and more can cause any person who is already unstable to act bizarre, mean-spirited and downright violent, it is always best to save yourself and move on with your life. The only nice thing you can do for a friend is direct him to some professional care.