How to Avoid the Sugar Baby Drama

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There are personal challenges that come with all women whether they are gorgeous and rich or broke and unattractive. Some have more issues than others. When you know you have little patience for drama and aren't the compassionate type that encourages and shows much affection, it would make sense to keep away from the women who have far too much baggage you can handle. Chances are you have your share of issues too. So what might be some things a Sugar Daddy might want to do to encourage the Sugar Baby to save the drama for her mama and not for him?

1. Share the simplicity of one's life with the Sugar Baby.

Explain to her that you don't endorse, encourage, or want drama in your life. You only desire to serve her and in return she fulfills her end of the bargain. If neither feels the other is doing his or her part, make a quiet exit. This means a simple note, phone call, or some other communication that is to the point, "This relationship is not what I had hoped. Best wishes." Once this is said, there is to be no further contact. If there is, reiterate your stance.

2. Avoid counseling her through every situation she brings to your attention.

There are those men who think they can save the damsel in distress so they set out on a path to do just that, yet can't handle the challenges during the courtship. In most Sugar Daddy, Sugar Baby partnerships, there really is no in depth relationship where one is playing counselor to the other unless that is one of the things that both parties have agreed upon. If that is the case, the partnership is headed toward a future commitment. If one wants to stay clear of drama, don't play the role of counselor. Remind her, "I can help you financially, but a mental health counselor I am not…" Give her money to see a therapist. Let her go if she becomes too much for you to handle especially if she medicates herself.

3. Stick to the outline the two of you created for your romance.

Sugar Babies will cry, moan, and even shrill when they see that the script is changing with their Sugar Daddies. "What do you mean you no longer are going to help me with…You promised you were going to do…." the young lady tells her Sugar Daddy. Some young women can't handle change. So without clear communication, proper warning, and a bit of compassion, the Sugar Baby will lose her cool. Let her know what your thoughts are before making changes.

4. Stay out of her family affairs.

She might confide in you about a relative or friend. Listen, but be slow to offer assistance. There may be someone in her ear that is aware of how much you are helping her. This person may want your friend to help him or her by using you. There might also be people in her circle that may not approve of you and can't wait to do or say something that ends your relationship, or worse, put you in jail especially if what appears to be a young lady is really a girl.

5. Safeguard your personal assets, keep your network private, and don't feel the need to tell her everything about you.

In your mind, you may have planned that the arrangement between you and Sugar Baby is only temporary. If so, it wouldn't make sense to reveal much about your private life, co-sign on loans, or give up details about your place of employment or business. You never know when a young woman might become anger and vengeful. The more you share your personal life with her, the more she will want to stick around. However, if you hope to have a long-term romance, then treat it like such rather than a Sugar Daddy arrangement.