When He No Longer Wants to Be a Sugar Daddy

Life changes as the opinion of a rich sugardaddy

He has grown weary of buying his Sugar Baby things to keep her interested in him. Relatives and friends may have challenged this older man on his actions. “When is enough, enough?” The Sugar Daddy has become burnt out with his lifestyle trying to appease one Sugar Baby or a few. The bills are increasing while his money is decreasing.

Not all Sugar Dads are in so-called mutually beneficial arrangements for the long-term. Some are involved with Sugar Babies for a limited time only before coming to the realization that it just isn’t feasible for their lifestyles. There are married Sugar Daddies, workaholic Sugar Daddies, abusive Sugar Daddies, and others who just can’t seem to find anyone compatible. Different Sugar Daddies experience varying degrees of stress such as: having a wife and children, extramarital affairs, fluctuating income levels, cost of living, needy relatives, bad living arrangements, demanding jobs, substance abuse, health issues, etc. All of these factors play a part on whether being a Sugar Daddy is still worth having the additional stress depending on the type of Sugar Baby he is dating.

Some Sugar Babies make it difficult to be their Sugar Daddies, because they expect too much. They hope to have everything they see the celebrities wear on the red carpet. They ignorantly believe every Sugar Daddy is going to pay for their travel arrangements. Some believe one day their Sugar Daddy is going to marry them, and when they don’t see any sign that is going to happen, they apply pressure.

There are Sugar Daddies that have numerous responsibilities and others not so much, but sooner or later the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby’s expectations of one another will collide especially if one is giving while the other is receiving with no thought of returning any favors.

One of the first signs a Sugar Daddy is no longer interested in doing his part in the relationship is when he stops making arrangements to meet and refuses to give money or promised gifts. In addition, he will lose romantic interest in his Sugar Baby such as avoiding intimate touch. Other signs he is ready to end the arrangement include: vague conversation, disinterest in talking—claims to be very busy, short-tempered, talks often about not being happy or appreciated, and his eyes frequently wander in your presence.

If you are a Sugar Daddy reading this, take heed to your feelings and do what will make you feel at peace about your arrangement. If you are a Sugar Baby dating a Sugar Daddy, who acts as if he doesn’t want to connect with you anymore, be sure to question him about his actions or inactions before assuming the worse.

Remember, a true Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby arrangement is not the same as a dating relationship where two people plan to marry and have a family one day. If this is the hope of one and not the other, the arrangement will surely come to an end if both aren’t in agreement.