Why Some Sugar Babes Could Care Less that He's Married

Always thing about a sugar daddies surroundings and advanced life

He may have told her he is married or she found out when she checked up on him, but she doesn't care. Her reasons might be difficult to understand. She may have experienced much in her youthful years. But whatever the reason, his wife possibly children and others who know them will not greet his mistress with open arms. Why do some Sugar Babes bother to date married men?

No commitment, no responsibility.

The Sugar Babe knows what the husband's role looks like. She may have seen some things while growing up that turned her off from being a man's wife. Husbands tend to stay at home often expecting to be appeased by their wives. They might be frequently ordering someone to do something in the household. The Sugar Babe may have noticed some husbands acting more like kings rather than equal partners. A Sugar Babe put off by this sort of lifestyle doesn't see any benefit to keeping a man around her on a daily basis especially a bossy, lazy one. So if she can only experience the good times with a man, without experiencing everything else including caring for him, then she is content in knowing that he won't be sticking around, because he has a wife and possibly children at home that need him.

A string of bad relationships.

With much heart ache over the years beginning with her father, the Sugar Babe comes to a point in her life where she simply doesn't care about anyone or anything. No one cared about her feelings when she had them. A little smile is better than no smile no matter who makes her smile-married or not.

Moral values of little importance.

Church and good morals is not high on a Sugar Babe's list. She doesn't bother to think about whether her actions are right or wrong. She knows that her relationship isn't something she plans on staying in for the rest of her life, so she reasons, "It is what it is for now. He pays my bills and that is good enough for me." She fears no God, hell, or wife and isn't interested in how might others be affected by her actions.
The Sugar Daddy convinces her he is leaving his wife.
The Sugar Babe might believe her lover/friend but maybe not. She chooses not to focus on what he is saying rather what he is doing. As long as her physical needs are being met, she isn't interested in rocking any boat by talking about her Sugar

Daddy's marriage.

There is no pressing need to end the relationship.
If the Sugar Babe felt the need to move on with her life, she would. But when no one, including herself, is making it difficult to be with the married Sugar Daddy, she reasons, "Why bother to leave, I'm not hurting anyone." In some cases, a wife might know and acts nonchalantly with her cheating spouse. She is not a threat. The husband doesn't act as if he is bothered by his actions since no one is holding him accountable. Therefore, all parties act as if everything is okay even when it is not.