Why Sugar Babe, Sugar Daddy Romances Don't Work for All

Believe it or not, many millionaires are blunders just usual men with a mean income

Some men and women will not last in Sugar Babe and Sugar Daddy arrangements because they are simply too needy, controlling, or worse troubled mentally, physically and spiritually. What might have worked in someone else's relationship, may not have worked for others.


When money is not flowing like a waterfall, a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babe romance will fall apart. The relationship was built on a shoddy foundation that involved getting one's financial needs met. When that doesn't happen, the Sugar Babe isn't interested in staying with her aging partner. However, if there was more that was established, other than finances, then she just might be a help to him.


Although many couples will date, others may do it very little or not at all. Depending on the arrangement, the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babe may have lost interest because there is no real opportunity to get to know one another. If neither party is spending real time with one another, there is no sustaining romantic interest being built.


From family to co-workers, the more people know about one's arrangement, the more people will object if they feel there is something morally wrong. In time, the Sugar Babe or Sugar Daddy will question his or her motives and may bail out because he or she doesn't like the way they feel while dating one another. The key to making the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Babe mature long-term is to encourage one another and stick to whatever arrangement you two made.

Personal Issues

From illness to children, couples who begin to feel like their relationship is becoming more and more challenged the older it gets will have a change of heart. Who wants to experience much stress trying to keep something together that just might not be right for them? People grow weary of listening to sob stories, experiencing rejection and other related things, so they look for an escape. The Sugar Babe and Sugar Daddy arrangement is no exception. Some couples only want to experience the
fantasy and not the reality.

Work Related Stress

It can be hard to maintain a personal relationship and a professional one at the same time. There are times when one will suffocate the other. For instance, the Sugar Daddy is unable to keep up with his Sugar Babe's monetary requests. Therefore, she begins to distance herself; rather than wait out the storm.

Examine your own partnership. Is it indeed giving you all that you need? Have you figured out an arrangement that works? When you notice that things don't seem to be going well, mention your concerns, make adjustments, and look for results. Couples, who reached the point that breaking up was the only choice, came to the realization when there was far more problems than one could handle staying together.