Golf - Sport for the High Society or a Meeting Place?

Play Golf - meet a rich man or even a Millionaire on the golfcourse whilst having fun and enjoying nature

Rather than just a sport, golf is often seen as a form of leisure activity for wealthy people. Whereas golf was a masculine domain back in the sixties and seventies, nowadays it has become accessible for everyone. The former "sport for the elite" has become a sport for everyone and access to golf clubs is open for all and not, as is often falsely assumed, only for academics or rich people. Golf does not only activate countless muscles but also burns off a huge amount of calories. And to be frank, who would not appreciate an attractive and strong golf partner by their side?

These days, golf is not only a sport but also a modern meeting place. There is hardly any other passtime that combines outdoor sport with networking to the same extent golf does. It is ideal for singles and everyone who wants to meet new people, friends or even find true love.

Beginners can take advantage of being taught by the friendly and attractive golf teacher or one of the good-looking and helpful players. Terms and rules like "tee, albatross, caddy, hook, tiger line", how to deal with water hazards, what's the correct way to step onto the putting line - all have to be taught in theory, as well as in practice.

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