How to Spot a Poor Sugar Daddy

Believe it or not, many millionaires are blunders just usual men with a mean income

He tells you that he owns businesses, takes trips around the world, owns his own home, and car. You are impressed and think that just maybe one day you might be his Sugar Queen seated next to him on your throne. There are poor Sugar Daddies in this world that would love to make a young woman believe that they are the best choice especially if they are head over heels in lust for her.

His home and everything in it is either rented or bought used.

You usually can find these sort of things out if he happens to leave out his mail or you come across receipts from a local thrift store. Sometimes he will reveal where he gets his items by mentioning yard and garage sales he either works or shops. If he feels he is good enough to buy use, he most likely is going to buy someone else's wares to appease you. Be sure you tell your date what your limits are when purchasing used items-that is if you do this sort of thing.

He worries about not having enough money to take you out.

This usually comes up when he talks about things like gas prices, needing his check to meet payments, and how expensive some restaurants are including the one you would like to go to. These are dead giveaways that your date should be looking to increase his wealth, rather than dating.

He complains about coming to see you.

Let's say that you live a distance away from him and he starts talking about how much it costs and how pricey the hotels are-even after he has received a few deals and got a cheaper hotel, this is a clear indication he can't afford to be with you. Cut your losses early!

He doesn't buy you quality items.

You tell him that you like a certain name brand and so he goes out shopping for an item or two for you, but when he returns he brings you back generic brands knowing full well he selected them because they were cheaper. You might have picked these items in the past for yourself and know the history about them, but rather than go with what you ask. Your date goes with what will best suit his wallet. If he isn't a cheapskate or short of funds, he would have just gotten what you wanted, right?

He expects you to contribute to outings he suggests.

Noticed "he suggests," as long as you are helping with dinner, theater, vacations, tickets to the game, and anything else, he is happy. But if you make a suggestion about going somewhere, he doesn't know if he can help or hopes that you are paying for the whole package.

He asks about whether you have a credit card, savings account, or other finances.

Why would a date want to know these things? Most likely, because he doesn't have them or if he does, he has maxed out his accounts. His intent is to spend your cash flow.

He claims to have a job yet he is able to see and call you all hours of the day.

Some Sugar Daddies are either wannabes or use-to-bes, in other words, they would like to have a group of young, beautiful women that adore them or at one point in their lives they had many dates, but once the money was used up, the dates were no more. So in order to keep a Sugar Baby interested, the unemployed Sugar Daddy acts as if he already has a job and can take good care of her. So he makes himself almost too available to her while hoping his presence will keep other gentlemen suitors away.

If you suspect most of these things while dating, and you strongly would like to be with someone rich, don't settle! Otherwise, you will resent your poor Sugar Daddy for making a false impression on you sooner or later. A Sugar Baby, who is transparent about her lifestyle, is not going to stick around with a man who believes that by deceiving her she will stick around.