Love & Luxury

Can money buy love?

Is love determined by luxury, or can money even buy love? This is a question that presumably pops into a lot of minds when a young and beautiful woman has a relationship with a successful and prosperous gentleman. But shouldn't the order be: Fall in love with a person first, and then live and enjoy the luxury afterwards?

Love and luxury are two independent words and should therefore also be strictly separated at all times. There are no words to describe what love is, love is simply a feeling that is hard to explain. Love can be luxury too, love can be bought with money (so-called "love for sale") but one question still remains: Can money really buy TRUE love? We say "No"!

But how do we define TRUE love? It is surely something that cannot be generalised. Everyone understands and interprets true love differently and according to their individual experiences and views. One thing we shouldn't do though is to picture love in the way it is presented to us in the media (books, movies or songs).

It is generally accepted that the positive aspects of a love affair don't last longer than one year, if at all. Little by little, all beautiful emotions are replaced by routine which kills most relationships. Partners drift away from each other and start to live two separate lives under one roof. The positive emotions they felt during the initial stage of their relationship are gone for good. It is therefore vital that both partners never let it come that far but continually make an effort to reinvent theirselves and their partnership.

Luxury does not always stand for material things like new cars, new shoes or spa and holiday trips. Luxury also stands for the irreplaceable things in life that last forever. For example, luxury can stand for a unique and new view of something we used to take for granted. Luxury can stand for cooking with friends, for emerging feelings between two people without any materialism involved.
To put it briefly, luxury is indeed love. Because only people that are able to love are able to experience luxury.