Money and happiness

Is money the best bait to fish for happiness?

Does money go hand in hand with happiness? And if so, does it mean that very poor people are never happy and very rich people always are? Money can't buy happiness, because as soon as the basic needs are fulfilled, people quickly start taking things for granted and keep on wanting more and more.
can buy transient material values but no values that last for good, such as joy, love, inner peace, serenity, health, faith and a cheerful mind.

Money might bring happiness, but mostly only on the surface and for a short time. People might feel happiness in moments like buying a new designer dress (something very expensive for just one night until it ends up useless in the wardrobe anyway) or buying a new car (not likely for reasons such as reducing the CO2 emissions but more possibly for the sake of prestige). People tend to compete and feel the urge of keeping pace: a guarantee for unhappiness.

Maybe it's worth considering if a new cell-phone is really necessary only because the current one is already one year old and competition calls for the latest model. Woody Allen once said something very apt:

"Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons."
- Woody Allen

People have to change their thoughts and behavior to harmonise money and happiness. What is the use in satisfying our constantly rising needs with the help of money, when at the same time we forget that bought luxury has a very high price? And in this case the price we pay is a healthy environment and a healthy next generation. We should never forget that without resources there will be no money, no happiness and no luxury!
Everyone is entitled to have dreams and wishes but from time to time it might be worth thinking: Do I really need to buy something new and can I actually be supportive with the new things I buy? Because happiness can also be purchasing a product with no child labor involved or buying fair trade products.