Wealthy but Single

The best proof that money can't buy happiness!

Wealthy singles are the best proof that money can buy neither happiness nor love. Everybody has heard stories about good-looking prosperous people who are still single and quite unhappy.

The reason might be that some rich and famous singles, like the Russian Roman Abramovich or the British heart-throb Hugh Grant, cannot or do not want to open their hearts when it comes to a partnership. Another reason might be that wealthy singles approach relationships with a certain negativity, or let's say caution. Experience has taught them that they can never be sure if their new partner only loves them for the money or for who they really are. Maybe it's none of the above and the reason is simply that prosperity is always based on a lot of hard and time-consuming work, and not every partner can understand their lover not having much time for them.

Or maybe people are simply too shy to make a step towards wealthy singles. Every little girl once had the dream of being a princess, living in a huge castle with a prince by her side. So ladies, why not open up your eyes and take a chance on meeting your prince?

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