Sugar Daddy Search: Your First Date

Online dating sites are simply tools to help you meet the person of your dreams; however, what goes on between you and your Sugar Daddy is between you and him.

Many Sugar Babies find themselves connecting with great guys online because they are particular about their selection in Sugar Daddies. They are protective about the information they share and their bodies. They also familiarize themselves with the types of Sugar Daddies who are on the dating scene and pay close attention to warning signs that some Sugar Daddies just might be trouble.

When seeking out a Sugar Daddy, be sure that you are not so focused on what you can get from him that you overlook what he is asking of you. Some Sugar Daddies are nothing more than soft, cuddly teddy bears while others are voracious wolves hidden in sheep's clothing all-too eager to sink their teeth in little Red Riding Hood.

When a Sugar Daddy posts a profile he is giving you a general idea of who he is and what he wants, but the details you won't find out later unless he shares some via email, over the phone, or in-person. With each encounter you learn a little at a time at his pace. Each exchange should be meaningful and you will want to have questions prepared. Find out what other places he likes to hang out online. Check out his activities on other social networking sites. Keep in mind he may be using alternative names. Talk about the latest events in the media, send him links, request a response, and note his reaction. Sometimes you can find out right away whether the person is going to be worth your time simply by the way he articulates his thoughts and feelings.

Those who bring no substance to the conversation other than, "When are we going to meet? And what are you wearing?" may not be much help to you. Always state what you expect from your potential Sugar Daddy upfront even if some things you say might not be a turn on for him. Watch for signs that he is sincerely listening to you. If he can't make good on a simple promise to meet you on a certain date at a particular time with whatever you asked, then he most likely won't keep his word on other things too. Don't give up anything in the hopes of getting something in return later.

Notice when you finally do meet your Sugar Daddy whether he is prompt. A man who is on time or even early is definitely a man who values one's time. However, he might also be a perfectionist type, controlling, and not very forgiving if you show up late. Now if your date is very tardy on the first date pay attention to his excuse. Chances are he has other obligations that might potentially affect future meetings, keep your first encounter with him in mind and compare it to others. If he appears like he is in a strange mood, irritated, or even disrespectful toward you, those behaviors wouldn't be typical of a man who is in the presence of a young, attractive woman who he claims he likes very much. Face it, your Sugar Daddy might have some mental challenges that you have yet to learn about. Sometimes people who haven't dated in awhile act nervous on a first date, but weird, impulsive, extremely talkative, obnoxious, or crazy behavior isn't normal. Since many Sugar Daddies aren't young, know that the older a Sugar Daddy is the more mental and physical challenges he might have even if he doesn't believe his age has anything to do with it. Some Sugar Daddies think they "still got it" like young men, but the truth is that many do not and medicines like Viagra don't solve all issues.

A Sugar Daddy who has some flaws he isn't willing to talk about will attempt to convince you that age is nothing but a number and he can hang with the best of them. He just might. But if age was nothing but a number, then why aren't many older men playing professional sports? Maybe an older man might not be lacking sexually, but he could be lacking in other areas, so it is up to you to find your Sugar Daddy's weaknesses. There are differences between young and old men, not only do they look different, but they behave differently too! So don't treat a Sugar Daddy like you would a young playboy. Be respectful, but don't be a fool.