Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby: The Give and Take Relationship

It´s all about giving and taking - even in this relationssip

Some would have you believe that the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship is an illegal arrangement. One that is very similar to a woman selling her body to a man willing to pay for it. However, in a relationship where a couple agrees to date one another for the short or long-term and both are exchanging time, money, gifts, sex, etc. it is what it is, so to speak, and a slam bam Thank You Ma'm encounter isn't it!

Nowadays many women are not dating men in the hopes that after a series of dates, sexual encounters, a few housekeeping favors, and home-cooked meals that they just might get a rose, piece of jewelry, and a Thank You note from a gentleman suitor. Rather they are telling men upfront what they want with or without strings attached. A non-traditional relationship where two parties state their needs without the chase or mind games isn't well-received by those who have gone through much just to get married and then eventually divorce. Could it be a hidden jealousy that some critics didn't have the boldness to state exactly what they wanted from a relationship before they fell head over heels in love with someone who couldn't deliver?

Whatever the issue one may have with a Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy relationship, one thing is for sure it is two less people sitting at home waiting for someone who never comes. In order to be in a relationship such as this, one must be active. He or she must be making contact with his or her mate. The communication must be open and honest. Some Sugar Dads will state they are in other relationships, separated, divorced, or dating other young women. The Sugar Baby has a choice to go along with the man's program or not. If she doesn't want to be with a Sugar Daddy who is attached, there are plenty of men who are single that would love to spoil her. Mature men grow weary of dating women in their own age group who may lack the energy and time to dedicate to a relationship with them. They don't want to settle just because someone is the same age or older, no more than young women who don't want to settle with immature men who are often irresponsible and financially broke.

Sugar Babies seek Sugar Dads because situations may have arisen in their lives where they need a generous friend to help and in some cases they want the attention they may not have received growing up from their biological fathers. Sugar Daddies seek Sugar Babies for companionship, sexual needs, and peace of mind while going through a mid-life crisis. Both have desires that also include the typical wants that other couples seek in relationships such as: honesty, affection, a travel partner, and quite possibly love and commitment. However, the typical Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship doesn't include marriage and babies since oftentimes a Sugar Daddy may have already been married or still married and a Sugar Baby isn't interested in having a baby since she doesn't feel she is ready to take on such a responsibility.

The Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby arrangement is one that is typically romantic, fun, and beneficial for both parties. When a Sugar Baby meets her Sugar Daddy she is just as excited, if not more, than a woman who is meeting her date for the very first time. Sometimes these courtships come about without any labels or titles, but after spending some time thinking about the partnership, one may soon discover that an older boyfriend is nothing more than a Sugar Daddy helping out his Sugar Baby.