What to Expect When Dating an Affluent Man

Why being with him is no ordinary romance

Watching a millionaire entertainer on television, attending an event involving the affluent businessman, or visiting an establishment that a wealthy leader might be speaking is one thing, but dating them is altogether different! Women who have experienced dating elite men have shared stories to warn others to be careful and very selective when it comes to dating rich men. One should not be so captivated by the power, fame and money that these wealthy men have that she can't see the possible destruction that some might cause in her life if she should choose to remain in toxic courtships. Not every rich man is bad for the common woman, but she must understand that depending on her date's title and connections, the relationship may not be something she can handle.

His connections

When one accepts a date with a man who might be known around the world, she must realize that he is most likely connected to a company or organization that may or may not approve of his dating her. Many elite men have people who invest much money and time in them. They have reputations that must be upheld; therefore, an unstable woman with a past that might be good media fodder is to be avoided. The woman isn't just entering into a relationship with a man, but with everyone connected to him including his public relations team.

He is dependent on the people, places and things around him

Before his date came along, the elite businessman had his team of people around him, his routines, and his interests intact. Most likely, these things are rarely changed or rearranged now that he has a special love interest. The new woman on the scene will either accept the way things are or move on. Being rich doesn't always mean one is independent, if anything, the man is dependent on the people, places and things that help fill his bank account. Therefore, there is a possibility that his new relationship will suffer when he has too many voices around him that he listens to and his date isn't one of them.

Much material wealth, but no spiritual uplift

Most elite men aren't bible-toting believers or faith-filled philosophers serving a god or many gods; rather they trust in themselves. They believe they are their own gods. So when trouble comes their way, they don't expect or wait on any supernatural force to help them. Instead, they will find various resources, tools, and other things to fulfill them spiritually.
Personality disorders

No amount of money can solve the problems of a frequent moody individual. From depression to schizophrenia, a man with much wealth isn't immune from mental health issues. The rich man will use his numerous things to hide what really ails him and seeking a woman to appease him sexually is one of many distractions he uses to keep from dealing with his problems.

Compulsive cheating and other bad habits

Various media outlets report periodically men in leadership cheating on wives and girlfriends. These rich men also have other things that they do which cause much strife in their personal lives that the public may not know about from domestic violence to compulsive gambling. When issues arise, the affluent man's public relations team will do just about anything to make problems go away. The millionaire's love interest for the time being may be told to do things to save her man's reputation. Some requests may be disturbing, unethical, and downright crazy, but when dating the influential it is what is expected.

Lack of honesty

It takes a lot to build one's reputation in an evil world, so the wealthy man is not going to always tell the truth especially if it is going to bring negative attention on him and his loved ones. A woman dating a liar will have to learn to look the other way and avoid the temptation to always confront her man about a lie he has told. The more confrontation, the more issues, not just for her mate, but for those who own him. The wife or girlfriend may be advised to keep quiet or else. The alternative is most likely an end to the relationship.

He may be generous, he may not

It is assumed that because one has much wealth, he wouldn't mind sharing it with others especially his mate. But this isn't altogether true, sometimes rich men may buy gifts and give money to their love interests, and oftentimes they won't unless they know their dates very well. They seek women knowing full well that there are gold-diggers in the bunch. For one, to expect a prosperous man to give a new date anything will not go over too well during the courtship. As much as a date might need her new friend's assistance, it is better to put off one's needs until her elite friend is ready to offer help.

Before spending much time getting to know the affluent professional, take some time and perform research on the individual. Find out what has been said in the media as well as in public forums and blogs about this person's character. Check one's background, search for past partners with sexual diseases, and learn more about his family other than what he tells you. Visit old neighborhoods and interview people who knew him before his fame. The more you know about a potential love interest, the better.