Why Males in Your Family Might Not Approve of Your Sugar Daddy

Jealousy or a false attitude might be a problem when it comes to family situations

They were curious about your date, so you took a chance and brought him around your family. But to your disappointment, you got much negative feedback. It was as if all the males in your family wanted to hang your date on a tree. What is so wrong with being in a May-December relationship? Well there are those reasons you know about and others you might not have thought about.

1. They assume he can't be trusted.

Your Sugar Daddy's intent might be to love and take care of you. But men, who have heard and used many lines to catch and keep a woman, will find it hard to believe that an established man would find anything so special in a young woman other than sex. Relatives will warn that she is still developing mentally and physically and most likely will discourage the Sugar Daddy from continuing to see their young relative.

2. Your Sugar Daddy reminds them of players in the family who have hurt young women.

The Sugar Daddy's ways and even his appearance might be a bad reminder of how one's mother, sister, aunt, niece, or cousin was mistreated by a verbally or physically abusive older man. A charming and handsome Sugar Daddy who thinks his smooth talk will win family and friends just might get insulted or worse assaulted especially if he acts in a disrespectful way toward their relative. It would be best that the mature man remain humble and relate to the family with all due respect.

3. The older gentleman most likely isn't interested in anything long-term with you.

Males in the family who have been Sugar Daddies or players themselves know that most men who have left a trail of broken-hearted wives and girlfriends aren't looking for anything serious. They may still love a wife or child's mother while using the young woman as a distraction. So to protect you, they will tell you the good, bad and ugly about your Sugar Daddy and may even reference him as a "pimp." This would be a man who has specifically targeted attractive, young women to help him make significant wealth by selling sex. The pimp will direct these women to various events, hotel rooms, behind buildings, on the street, or elsewhere to service men sexually. This sort of behavior is illegal in many countries. Chances are they may have been women in one's family who participated in similar behavior and would not want to see their daughters involved with any man in this way.

4. Your family might have a problem with a mature man, close to their ages, dating their young daughter, granddaughter or niece.

The reason for talking so negatively about a Sugar Daddy could be that his age and appearance bothers the family. It almost feels like one having sex with a relative to some people. The idea that a daughter is dating someone her father's age makes some relative's flesh crawl especially when the man looks like he could be her father.

5. Male relatives wrestle with things they may have done in the past with young women.

When a relative sees his young relative dating someone with years experience dating women, it can bring back memories of the devilish things they did in the past. They fear that some of the tactics they used to manipulate or abuse others might be performed on their relative. So quite naturally player fathers and uncles who played mind games with women, will be overprotective about their loved one and wouldn't want the same being done to her by an ornery Sugar Daddy.

When a young woman notices much opposition against her dating a Sugar Daddy, she might want to heed the warnings. Most likely, her relatives see something about the man that she doesn't see.