A Dating Service May Be Right for You

The Art and right way to target your Date: Locations, Tactics and much more

Bars, Internet, social clubs, or even a friend’s home are places single people try to meet compatible partners. Yet, their efforts fail at times, because of things like: overlooking warning signs a potential date just isn’t the one, far too much baggage, or ignorance when it comes to what they truly want in a partner. A dating service can help take the worry out of some of these issues. With a good matchmaker, you will discover things about yourself, and others, you hadn’t thought about.

Matchmakers take the time to interview you and find out personal information and dating preferences. They will ask questions that might make you feel uncomfortable, but will be helpful in your quest to find a well-matched mate. You will find out useful dating facts and receive opportunities to meet the kind of people you may not have been able to meet on your own.

Legitimate dating services are listed with the Better Business Bureau and others have been featured on television, on blogs, and other places both on and offline. The top match-making service companies usually have many positive ratings and successful stories. Lots of singles who sign up with match-making companies end up in committed relationships.

People with little time or have yet to find suitable companions, trust a dating service because staff will perform background checks before introducing singles to one another and have strict policies. They will also spend time comparing dating profiles of singles while asking questions that many bachelors and bachelorettes don’t bother to think about before meeting.

Before signing up with a match-making service, learn more about them by doing the following:

1. Visit forums, read reviews, personal blogs and comments about the dating site. Keep in mind, some sites will pay writers to post positive comments and disgruntled users will post negative feedback without explaining in full detail why the service didn’t really work for them.

2. Find out how long the dating service has been in business.

3. Check dating sites for contact information and call or email with questions/concerns.

4. Search for a section on the dating website that will answer your questions about things like: monthly cost, refund policy, services offered, etc.

You can help make your match-making experience beneficial by doing the following:

1. Specify the desired age range when speaking with a staff member.

2. Mention location preference. You will want to be willing to commute if the match-maker should find someone right for you.

3. List your hobbies—the ones you actually enjoy doing and start doing them.

4. What might be your political affiliation? If this is important to you, mention it.

5. Do you have a religious background and would you want a date who shares a similar background? Some people value their relationship with a higher being and will want to be with a fellow believer.

6. Note what you think of yourself i.e.) personality, education, background, strengths, and weaknesses. A match-maker might make suggestions to help you connect better with others.

7. Have a recent photograph that flatters you, yet captures the real you.

When using a dating service, know that it will take the staff some time to find a match. One will need to be patient. Also, consider that even though background checks have been performed, this doesn’t ensure that you will be safe, so always use caution when dating. Above everything else, enjoy your time with a potential partner when the opportunity comes even if he or she isn’t the best match for you. Your match-maker will continue to work hard for you when you display a great attitude.