How to know if He is a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Wannabe?

Why so many men just pretend to be rich

He talks of wanting a travel companion, someone that will keep him company in return he makes promises to do some things for her like buy a car, help her with student loans, and add to her wardrobe. However, there are some things that don't seem to add up when it comes to this Sugar Daddy. He acts more like a controlling father figure, he turns out not to be that generous, and sporadically spends time with his Sugar Baby for sex and off he goes. Is he really a Sugar Daddy or a Wannabe? In order to know whether the Sugar Baby is getting the short end of the deal or simply no deal at all, one must know the requirements to be a bona-fide Sugar Daddy!

He is usually much older than his younger partner.

A man who is close to the same age as his partner is not a Sugar Daddy. He may act like one, but Sugar Daddies are typically mature, professional men with a long history of relationship experiences. It is the Sugar Daddy's knowledge about life that makes him appealing to young women. A Sugar Daddy Wannabe lacks the finances, charm, and physical appeal to keep young women interested in him.

He is financially stable and has his own residence.

A Sugar Daddy typically owns something, whether it is his house, car or business. He is a wealthy man and has a steady income. Now there are Sugar Daddies who become Bitter Daddies because they no longer have anything that would attract any woman young or old materially. It is a must that a Sugar Daddy has some things going on in his life that displays his status. A Wannabe has nothing more than a list of promises that he either never fulfills or takes far too long in getting to them.

He offers to help meet a young woman's needs without her having to ask.

Wealthy men can afford to do more than dinner and a movie. A Sugar Daddy is going to provide for the needs of a young woman that go beyond her belly. However, his niceties come with the expectation that his date will meet his needs at a later date. Sugar Daddies desire sex from young women. Sex with youth is what distracts them from the aging process. However, a Sugar Daddy Wannabe finds young women attractive, but not enough to go anywhere with them publicly without experiencing uncomfortable feelings. Whatever he does for his Sugar Daddy is often hidden and limited-usually not enough to meet her needs.

He takes genuine interest in caring for her whenever he is in or out of her presence.

Now the Sugar Daddy doesn't just provide for his young date's material needs when he sees her, but also when he can't be with her. She calls him and tells her what she needs and he puts money in her account, sends a check, or contacts a company to provide for his friend. The Wannabe is an excuse-maker and usually wants something for nothing when he does finally come around to see what he considers his Sugar Baby.

He isn't interested in a serious relationship.

Most Sugar Daddies have been either in long-term relationships or married, so they aren't typically thinking about a future with their Sugar Babies. They usually take one encounter at a time until they grow weary of their young dates. Therefore, he will befriend the young lady for a time with no strings attached. However, the Wannabe Sugar Daddy falls in love with just about any attractive, young woman he meets. He can't seem to get a grip on his emotions and oftentimes becomes very controlling and abusive to his young partners.

He may want more than a casual dating relationship, but unless he proposes marriage, he is still a Sugar Daddy.

Sometimes Sugar Daddies become husbands after a long courtship of ups and downs. He may have had other relationships while being with one particular Sugar Baby, thought about re-connecting with an ex only to find out that it couldn't be done, and did other things that eventually caused him to settle down. A wannabe Sugar Daddy may have similar issues, but he can't afford to pay people to make past issues go away, so he isn't talking too much about a committed relationship even if he wants to marry. The Wannabe Sugar Daddy may want the choice of dating whoever he wants along with the benefit of having attractive women available to meet his demands, but usually the wannabe player gets played. A Sugar Daddy like a Sugar Baby must be willing to do some things to keep the courtship going just like any other relationship without fault-finding, excuse-making, and procrastination. People don't stick it out with one another unless their needs are being met. In a genuine Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship, money, material wealth, beauty and sex is always involved. If one or all is missing, then what is left are two people, simply put, casting away shallow reasons for dating one another, and are seriously contemplating a quality relationship.

There are benefits of course to dating, but the perks don't define the relationship. When dating a Sugar Daddy, the perks always outweigh love, respect, kindness, honesty and other things that comprise a basic relationship. The Sugar Baby will settle for the cheating, lying, conniving Sugar Daddy, because she knows she is getting paid to put up with all that comes with him.