Millionaires stand for more security!

On dates and relationships with millionaires

Every little girl dreams of living like a princess: fancy dresses, a castle, servants and money in abundance. As we grow older, dreams change and adjust to reality. But the desire for an easy life without existential fears and financial problems remains. The papers are full of headlines such as: "Millionaire wanted"; "Young woman nabs herself a millionaire"; " Multimillionaire plays the stock market"or "From rags to riches".

Wealth, respect, money in abundance, fast cars, designer clothes... these are things both women and men dream of. But what is the reality? What is it like to be a millionaire or the partner of a millionaire? And what's the secret behind the fact that millionaires are often to be seen with young women?

Even meeting a woman may prove more difficult for a millionaire than for average men. In his work-life he socialises with many people and gets to know a lot of young ladies that are attracted to him due to his financial and social status.
For a millionaire it is easy to find young and beautiful female company and once a lady has aroused his interest many wonderful things are waiting for her, things an "average"man can't offer her. To conquer her heart he takes her on a weekend-trip to Paris - the city of love - shows her his fancy boats and buys her luxury jewellery and furs.

Of course, to keep on being able to afford this luxury and glamour, a millionaire is forced to work hard. His young wife, however, respects that. She supports her millionaire emotionally and keeps trouble off his back. He appreciates that and rewards her efforts with luxury trips and expensive gifts. The millionaire knows he can rely on his young wife and that she loves him with all her heart. The cherry on the cake for their love is a glamorous proposal, with which the millionaire conquers his true love's heart.

At some point, the day comes where every young wife wishes to have some children with her millionaire. She is well aware of the fact that due to his work and social obligations, he possibly won't be able to spend much time with his family. The millionaire offers his children better conditions for life. Expensive private schools and private teachers help advance his offspring's successful academic career. The secure family background also helps foster self-confidence and serenity. As wealthy people tend to employ nurses and nannies, the sex life of the millionaire and his young wife stays lively and relaxed. Which in turn also allows the couple to keep on visiting the trendiest cities in Europe on short romantic trips to keep their relationship fresh and healthy.

But where does a young lady get to meet a millionaire? On many millionaires are waiting to find, date or even marry their dream girl.