Wealth and richness

A symbiosis of sentimental and material values?

The word "wealth" is nowadays increasingly attached to material wealth. A lot of people define themselves by status symbols such as expensive cars and boats, money, house and a beautiful partner. Those people are clearly influenced by the media and tend to disregard sentimental values such as family, friends, children, landscape or even love. Everyday beauty that surrounds them (like their families as well as the landscape) gets forgotten and unseen. In our present-day society wealth is often determined by quantitative ownership, money and control. But wealth should never be reduced to material goods. In fact, material goods cannot be created without sentimental values as all material goods are created by ideas and therefore emotions.

The term "wealth" also played an important role throughout the history of man and the church. Ownership and control were terms of great importance. The history of man and the church had a vital influence on our present-day life. All past events and decisions formed our current lives and circumstances.

When it comes to prestige, wealth can obviously be quite helpful. It leads for example to more respect at public events and opens doors to success more quickly and easily. The financial abundance that comes along with wealth allows the limitless purchase of things that people without money can only dream of. Too much wealth, however, might ruin the character and lead to over-ambition. And this in turn inevitably leads to poverty, war and submission. However, one the final stage is reached it will lead to peace again.

We can therefore not deny that we are in need of both the material as well as the sentimental values, because in the end they go hand in hand. Wealth can be perceived and appreciated more consciously with a partner that holds both material and sentimental values.

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