Men with money!

What is it about wealthy men that really fascinates and captivates women?

According to 500 surveyed women, men with money are more respected than men with an average income. But why is that the case and what does SHE find so captivating about wealthy men? Women assume that sex with them is more impulsive, intense and romantic. One could almost say that women are fed up with so-called "vanilla sex" and that they hope to find sexual satisfaction with a prosperous man.

About 85% of rich women and over 60% of rich men say the more money, the better the sexual intercourse. But is the amount of female orgasms indeed determined by income? And does money really make people sexy? Well, everybody needs to find out for themselves, read books about it, or simply this article. Apart from the sexual aspect, men with money exude an inner peace, security and serenity - characteristics that also affect their private life. Women usually feel more secure and safe than with men with less financial security. Especially women with academical degrees find financial security important. Anyone suggesting that these are egoistic intentions will be proven wrong, because the drive towards security is aimed solely at family planning.

"Money can't buy happiness!" - how often have we heard or read this sentence and how often do we really think about it? Relationships where one partner or even both are making millions still often lack something. This could be a lack of interpersonal contact or the unfulfilled desire to have children. There is no so-called formula for success but it is vital to support and respect each other, to trust, to tolerate and to accept, to love and grow together.

Stagnation is the worst thing that can happen in a relationship, not to move on or to put personal dreams and targets on the back burner. However, as soon as a woman decides to be there for her husband and their potential children, her personality should be strong and she should stand by her husband. By doing this, she supports and enhances his prospects of professional success and at the same time strengthens and intensifies their partnership as well as the happy and satisfied private life that goes along with that.

Professional success means of course less time for private or family life, but it also enables people to experience and enjoy a certain luxury. Money is not the ultimate magic word - communication is the word. Communication about sexual needs, communication about decisions and communication about personal views are the key to a happy relationship!