Sugar Baby: How to Break it Off with a Sugar Daddy and Start a New Romance

Be flexible and develop on your experience

He is acting as if he doesn't want to pay for things anymore. He doesn't contribute to conversations much. He isn't answering phone calls like he once did. What happened? Well, many things can occur in a working man's life. He may have experienced changes in his finances and is unable to maintain a partnership with his Sugar Baby. There may have been a job loss, divorce, family discord, a death, or illness that is causing distance between he and his young partner. But whatever the issue, a Sugar Baby can move on with her life since she is not married to the man and has nothing substantial between him.
Men are slow about expressing what is on their minds. They won't rush to end a relationship with their beautiful women no matter what they are going through. Instead, they prefer to let them figure out with the issues might be and break it off with them. So how might you let your miserable, emotionally distant fellow go?

1. State how you feel and why you want to discontinue your arrangement with your Sugar Daddy.

What is it about him that is causing you much stress? Remind him why you both got involved with one another and what is expected in your arrangement.

2. Mention dates and times that you were available to him, but he couldn't be reached.

Sometimes a man becomes so overwhelmed with life responsibilities that he forgets about calling friends, sharing bits of his life, and doing nice things for others. By listing when he has forgotten about you, will prove why you no longer want to date him. When he is alone, he will think, "I would have broken it off with me too if I had treated me like that."

3. Forget about what he has done for you in the past, focus on what he is doing for you presently.

There are those moments when one will think about how much a person did for them in the past. Of course, one is not underestimating good times, but what about presently? When someone is giving you a frequent headache, causing you to cry often, and making you feel like they don't care, it doesn't matter what he or she did for you in the past, what about now and in the future? Test your Sugar Daddy by requesting something or inviting him somewhere with you is he slacking or stepping up his game? If he is back to being that good Sugar Daddy, maybe he is worth keeping, if not, move on.

4. Begin to search for other men who might be potential friends willing to treat you well.

You are not married to your Sugar Daddy. You are a free woman who can see whoever she wants to see. However, the controlling Sugar Daddy will look for reasons as to why you must stay committed to him. Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Distance yourself without mentioning that you are interested in others until absolutely necessary. You don't want to jeopardize your safety if you know he is the violent type and you don't want to stay with him either out of fear-move on with your life!

5. Don't fall for pleas and flattery to get you back.

If after you have tested this man and he still acts as if he isn't much interested in you, why bother to accept promises and pleas once again? Save yourself the train wreck waiting to happen. Tell him that you aren't interested in the arrangement anymore and would like to focus on your life for now on. If he can't respect your wishes, you may want to take out a Protection from Abuse with your local police department and notify security where you live and work.

6. Ignore phone calls.

Save the voice mails, but don't return the calls. Note days and times he called and what was said in case they are accidentally deleted in the future. Don't start dating him again after you told him it is over, otherwise, he will continue to reach out to you.

7. Say no to affection, sex, and similar actions.

Mixed messages will drive any man insane. Yesterday you had sex with him, today you don't want sex, and he has memories of last week that constantly replay in his mind. Stop the confusing behavior. Let him go. Don't flirt, think about being with him, agree to meet him somewhere, or visit his home. A man, who doesn't take rejection very well, can be a danger to himself, to you and others.

A Sugar Baby can empower herself when she refuses to change the rules of her arrangement with the Sugar Daddy to better suit him. End the friendship when it becomes more about him and less about you. Things happen in romances, people change, but bills still need to be paid, attention will still be desired, and other needs must be met. Don't waste time or money waiting for an unavailable man no matter what he promises.

When a Sugar Daddy doesn't do his part to make his woman happy, there is a problem. Young women must realize that youth is fleeting. Waiting patiently for a mature man who has already lived his best years, will prematurely age you. Preserve your youth by taking care of yourself. Continue to look good, pursue career interests, and be available for Sugar Daddies who have earned your attention.