Why Some Sugar Daddies are Losers

Nobody is perfekt - not even rich sugardaddies - but it can be even worse !

You may have met some really nice men during your dating journey, while others not so much. Finding a Sugar Daddy can be difficult for some women because they have yet to experience a nice guy who is indeed willing to hold up his end of the bargain. The reason for this is because some women play into the losers hands. These Sugar Babies, who have been played, may know they are being deceived, yet fall in the good-for-nothing Sugar Daddy's hands anyway! These women hope that their Sugar Daddies will come through for them, because they already gave up sex. They don't want to face the fact that they may have given up something for nothing.

A Sugar Dad might expect you to tell the truth while he tells many lies. This guy who claims that he will help you while sending you message after message promising to send money, meet you, and do more is really nothing more than a scam artist. If you have spent much time corresponding with this person and he keeps coming up with reasons as to why he can't do something for you. It won't be long before he is asking, "Well, what are you going to do for me, if I give you what you are asking for?" Conversation like this ends up being nothing more than a game ending in a stalemate.

Some Sugar Daddies will provide their Sugar Babies with some material things; just enough to put them at ease, but never so much that it is worth young women turning over their minds, bodies and souls to them. There are those young women who always protect their hearts and bodies when in this arrangement; because they know they are not interested in being anything more than a companion to their Sugar Dads. Young women, who don't know any better, will just keep giving to their friends while silently praying that they will take care of them. But for some, the money is not enough for the woman to live independent from their Sugar Daddies. Now this isn't to say that there aren't women being well-taken care of by their Sugar Daddy, because there are, but it isn't as popular as some would have you believe. Many of these women still have to work, attend college/trade school and pay part, if not, most of their schooling, and more despite having a Sugar Daddy. Being taken care of by a Sugar Daddy may happen for some Sugar Babies, but it is rare that a single, child-free, divorced man will give up his lifestyle to commit to a single or divorced woman who may or may not have children and not expect her to work while getting some money from him.

There are those Sugar Daddies who will put a time limit on how much, how often and how long they will keep certain Sugar Babies around. It would make sense to be practical about the money and gifts you do receive from a Sugar Dad and don't waste them. You never know when he might cut you off or someone might cut him off from his income source.

Be aware of the Sugar Dad who plans in advance to meet you with intentions to prostitute you. What some Sugar Daddies don't say is that they are closet pimps. They recruit young women to have sex with their clients, but of course not before they have sampled the goods. Some of these women assume they are just entering into a simple arrangement, but this isn't always so. The Sugar Daddy will charm her into thinking he will help her, but in return she must not only please him, but have sex with others for which she might be paid in money and/or gifts while he receives his cut.

Before long, a Sugar Baby might realize that her Sugar Daddy is getting more from her than what he is giving out. She might request more money, but may not get it. Without details of the arrangement clearly defined from the start, she just might find that having a Sugar Daddy isn't worth it.

They aren't interested in getting to know you.

A Sugar Daddy might act as if he really wants to get to know his new companion, at least in the beginning of the relationship, but in time, he will act uninterested particularly if there is a significant age difference and the young woman behaves immaturely. For many Sugar Dads, they want nothing more than an occasional sex partner, while others may not want sex, but a companion. In either case, the Sugar Baby must be able to determine what her role is in her Sugar Daddy's life and be prepared for him to take little interest in knowing who she is, what she wants out of life-besides his money, and other things that people in a normal relationship have. Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby arrangements are meant for those who do in fact enjoy one another. However, they don't work well for selfish individuals who aren't likeable, friendly, and have far too many hang-ups and insecurities when it comes to relating to the opposite sex.