Finding the Perfect Match - Dream or Reality?

"Every Jack has his Jill". This saying is not only popular but also true. But before we realise this, most of us are often confronted with the typical questions: Am I really ready for Mr. or Mrs. Right? And if so, how should he or she be to make me truly happy? Let's take the term dream partner and look at the two words individually to get the following definitions: Dreams are a figment of the imagination that occur during sleep and the word partner is associated with people in a relationship.

Finding the perfect match is a quest that everyone has faced at some point in their lives. But how do women and men actually picture their perfect match and are there any differences between men and women when it comes to imagining and defining how Mr. or Mrs. Right should be?

Women desire their Mr. Right to be strong-minded, ambitious, romantic, supportive, financially independent, honest and sensitive. Men picture their Mrs. Right ideally somewhere between a heroine from a TV series, Barbie and someone who makes their dreams come true. Does this mean it is true that "Gentlemen Prefer Blonds"? That they wish their women to have the measurements 90-60-90 and stay in the kitchen all day? If those clichés are actually true, then what thinking woman would descend to this level to be with such a man? Probably none.

One thing that is also very decisive about the initial choice of partners is the smell, because it is scientifically proven that the smell actually decides everything. It decides whether the sex life between two people will be fulfilling and also if both partners can imagine to be together permanently.

But more important than anything else for both women and men is the fulfilment of emotional and physical needs and the fact that the partner should form the backbone in life. To put it briefly, Mrs. Right should ideally be a true lady and Mr. Right a true gentleman and both should be able to let go and relax in the right moments.

But the question remains, where, when and how to find the perfect match. Take your chance today on

Good luck!