Sugar Babes in Need of Money and Love

Believing in physical Needs won´t last long

While dating, many couples don't bother thinking about the future; they prefer to take one day at a time. This isn't the wisest move simply because in some relationships, what is done today, might affect the future. In a Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship, one may be attending school and relying on her Sugar Daddy to foot the bill, if he decides he no longer wants to do it, the young woman might drop out. The friendship may have been created based on money and not necessarily attraction, love and other emotions.

Relationships built on meeting physical needs don't oftentimes last. They can be tumultuous and affect people long term mentally, physically and spiritually. Anyone who spends enough time with another human being that they find attractive will eventually fall in love. The money may have been a lure in the beginning, but over time, the human heart will want something long term, a sincere relationship built on love.
Sugar Babes are vulnerable, sometimes immature, and spiritually weak. They are in need of finances and other material things, but they also hope for other things to like someone who will listen to them when they are down. They may also want a father figure if their own dad has repeatedly let them down in a variety of ways. The mature man with plenty of money, but little patience, might be put off with a needy young woman who is showing no signs of independence, maturity, or a sincere appreciation for the Sugar Daddy. Both parties may have reached an understanding early on about the partnership/friendship but it doesn't necessarily mean that the agreement will remain the same as the two people learn more about one another.
Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babes, who might have their share of challenges personally and professionally, will want to check-in with one another sometimes. Is the relationship in fact meeting one's material and emotional needs or is it just another burden?

Age differences will affect how the pair responds to one another. The relationship may not be as fulfilling as one might have hoped particularly when one, or both individuals, has found that innate needs aren't being met. A Sugar Daddy must interview his young partner to get a perspective on whether she is emotionally stable to handle a long distant relationship, him seeing others, emotional unavailability, his family, etc. Some young women simply can't handle all that comes with the money that the Sugar Daddy is giving. Before a Sugar Daddy pursues the young woman with the anticipation that the two will one day have a sexual relationship, he too must realize that she may have other men that she is seeing. She may also have additional responsibilities that may not make her readily available when he calls. If he is the controlling type, the relationship simply won't be beneficial to either in the long-term. The partnership/friendship must be clearly defined from the start, yet flexible enough to handle change. What might happen if the young lady wants marriage, becomes pregnant, or wants to live with the Sugar Daddy? How might the young lady react if the Sugar Daddy wants a wife and not a Sugar Baby? These are things one in this kind of relationship must strongly consider before surprises show up.

Some Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationships do not include sex while others do. It would make sense to prepare one's mind for whatever is expected. If a young woman is receiving money and gifts from a man, he will one day want to talk about her meeting his needs. Now if he feels like she is selfish, taking great care to get her needs met, but not his, he may be put off by her and look for others who are more willing to have sex with him.
Be sure you know what you are getting into, before you share personal information, meet the person, or spend the night with him or her. Not every person online is mentally stable, trustworthy, or well-off.